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    International Network Leads to Better Client Services

    I recently had the opportunity to travel to Copenhagen Denmark for the annual meeting of the LEGUS International Network of Law Firms.  B&D joined the LEGUS Network a little over a year ago and it has been a wonderful resource for the firm, allowing us to help our clients in states and countries where we otherwise would not be able to help.  Through the network, we can confidently and easily connect our clients with skilled attorneys around the globe and know that those attorneys will treat those clients with the same skill and attentiveness with which they treat their own clients.

    The Copenhagen meeting was my first opportunity to meet the other members of the network.  Putting faces to names that I had seen over the course of the last year was helpful, but even more helpful was getting to know the people behind those names and faces.  As a result of meeting these other attorneys from around the world, I am confident that the LEGUS firms are firms that share our approach to the practice of law and to client service.  And, as an added bonus, they are fun people with whom to ride an antique roller coaster!

    Another added benefit of the trip was the opportunity to explore Copenhagen.  It is a vibrant, interesting city and a great place to spend a long weekend.  An easy city to get around, my wife and I were able to explore a number of different parts of the city, visit museums, breweries, and delicious restaurants by boat, rail, car, and bike.  All in all, a very enjoyable and productive trip.


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