Sometimes serving a client’s best interest requires resolving a dispute through methods other than litigation. In addition to vigorously litigating disputes on behalf of our clients, Boodell & Domanskis, LLC attorneys are experienced in mediation and arbitration. We confidently represent our clients in either traditional or alternative dispute resolution proceedings, using whichever path is best suited for reaching a favorable result for our clients.

The attorneys at Boodell and Domanskis are committed to pursuing either traditional or alternative proceedings, whichever path is best-suited for reaching a favorable resolution for our clients.

When mediation is the preferred path, our attorneys have the skills and experience to present our clients’ positions to the mediator in a productive manner—an art in itself.

Similarly, our experience with arbitrations allows us to take advantage of the ways in which the often more relaxed evidentiary and procedural rules allow for greater creativity in presenting our clients’ position.

Regardless of the forum, B&D’s attorneys focus on our clients’ goals and tailor their presentation to best achieve those goals.

For more information on Boodell & Domanskis, LLC’s Alternative Dispute Resolution practice, please contact Alexander R. Domanskis