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Domanskis Honored on Lithuanian Stamp

Our very own Al Domanskis, Managing Member of B&D, was recently honored as one of 20 prominent Lithuanians outside of Lithuania by being featured on Lithuania’s latest postage stamp release on June 29, 2018. Al recently shared this news with the firm via the message below:

“About 2 months ago, I opened an e-mail that at first I thought was spam and then I thought it was a joke.  I actually deleted it, and then went back to it.  I was advised that I was selected by a committee of the Lithuanian 4 million people project as one of 20 “prominent” Lithuanians outside of Lithuania to be on a stamp.  I can tell you that most of the rest named are much more prominent than me, and I wrote to them that they should definitely replace me with Senator Durbin*.  They kept me.  Another 30 got added on some type of popular vote and then the remaining 50 to make up a 100 were winners of getting people to sign up to their internet site for Lithuanian 4 million.  Attached is the stamp that got issued on June 29th.  You will see my face on the right side in a larger circle and my son (John Domanskis) is on the stamp to the left as one of the 50 social media people selected.  Truly a Lilliputian country as reflected by this. ”

*U.S. Senator Dick Durbin’s mother was Lithuanian.

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