Beginning July 1, 2023, all Chicago employers must have a written policy on sexual harassment (view details here) including at a minimum:

  • A statement that sexual harassment is illegal in Chicago.
  • A definition of sexual harassment with examples of conduct that constitute sexual harassment.
  • Explanation of how an individual can report a situation they believe to be sexual harassment.
  • A summary of legal services available to employees who may be victims of sexual harassment.
  • A statement that retaliation for reporting sexual harassment is illegal in Chicago.
  • A summary of the required training.

The written policy must be given to the employee in the employee’s primary language during their first week of employment. If you want to use the City of Chicago policy statement, it is available in multiple languages here.

Chicago employers must also display an anti-harassment poster, which is available here.

Chicago’s new annual anti-harassment training is required beginning July 1, 2023. Training templates and materials are available to download here.

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