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B&D’s Max Stein Expert Panelist: Resolving Shareholder Disputes

Max Stein, Member and Litigation Team Leader at B&D, is a featured expert panelist at “Resolving Shareholder Disputes,” a live webinar that premiered April 21st. This webinar is part of the Complex Financial Litigation series. In addition to Max Stein, the professional panel at this webinar features John Levitske (Ankura Consulting Group, LLC); Michael Pakter (Gould & Pakter Associates LLP); and Stephen Brodsky (Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck, LLP).

When business owners come to the point where they simply cannot see eye to eye, success can become unfeasible. Disputes between business owners can arise from any number of issues and have varying impacts on the actual business, ranging from simple distraction to total dissolution. Depending on the business and circumstance, the means for resolution may or may not be provided for in the relevant by-laws or shareholder agreement. In this webinar, the expert panel discusses different types of shareholder disputes and corresponding remedies, including alternative dispute resolution, buy-sell agreement provisions, and share valuation considerations.

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