Dear Friends:

We want to assure you that, as the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic situation challenges each of us, we are prepared to continue to serve each of you.  Our office will be open, either in person or remotely, during these trying times because your businesses and your families will have needs that cannot wait. The firm’s business continuity plan has been activated and our attorneys and staff can securely work from either the office or remotely.

Should the need arise, please contact one of the firm members listed below. They will assure your email or call will be returned:

Al Domanskis [email protected] D: 312-540-1075 C: 312-399-6619

Dainius Dumbrys [email protected] D: 312-938-4905 C: 773-793-9302

Audra Karalius [email protected] D: 312-219-8540

Max Stein [email protected] D: 312-300-5505

We hope that everyone of you, your families, co-workers and friends remain healthy and safe.


Alexander R. Domanskis, Managing Member

and the entire team at Boodell & Domanskis LLC