Andrew J. Abrams of Boodell & Domanskis, LLC  recently joined Stacey Birndorf of Transwestern, and Howard Kline of The Law Office of Howard F. Kline to discuss empowering the commercial tenant in lease transactions in the second episode of the series, Representing the Commercial Tenant.

A commercial tenant views a lease negotiation quite differently than does the landlord. As most leases tend to be drafted by the landlord, a tenant must begin an uphill battle to gain as many concessions as possible. This is an arduous task made easier by a full understanding of what are the most important issues for a tenant in a commercial lease transaction.

How does the financial profile of the tenant enter into the picture? Where can a tenant get hurt the most by hidden costs or unforeseen expenses? Why is “leverage” the most important concept to consider in this process? This webinar will help one understand how the tenant, generally the underdog in lease transactions, can turn the tables and become the most powerful player in the leasing game.

This Financial Poise REAL ESTATE LAW DUMBED DOWN 2018 webinar series is for the lawyer, broker, investor, syndicator, developer and others who seek a basic understanding of the essential elements of real estate law. This series spans purchase through sale and covers all of the high points in between. This episode is available on demand at Financial Poise. Click here to read about Representing the Commercial Landlord, the first in this series of webinars, .

Andrew J. Abrams is part of Boodell & Domanskis, LLC’s Real Estate, Land Use, & Zoning practice group which handles deals ranging from complex commercial, industrial, and multifamily property issues to residential home closings.