On June 8th, Audra Pavilcius Karalius was among 20 senior company executives, institutional shareholders and subject matter experts invited to participate in concept development and roundtable discussion at the Chicago CECP Forum.  The CECP Strategic Investor Initiative is designed to help CEOs of the world’s leading companies connect with strategic investors and align company business models with social impact.

Businesses that thrive are those that not only make money but also do something to make the world better.  More and more businesses are adopting business strategies and conducting their business activities in ways that meet the needs of the enterprise and its stakeholders now, while protecting, sustaining and enhancing the human and natural resources that will be needed in the future.

Audra Karalius assists companies in finding novel more sustainable ways to make and sell their products and services while also improving the natural environment and addressing social issues in the communities in which they operate.

About the CECP

CECP is a coalition of CEOs united in the belief that societal improvement is an essential measure of business performance.  Founded in 1999 by Paul Newman, CECP has grown to a movement of more than 150 CEOs of the

Audra Karalius - Environmental Lawyer

Audra Pavilcius Karalius

world’s largest companies across all industries.

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